Ad Pricing and On-Line Display Policy!
Display Duration
All ads are displayed FREE for up to 90 days at the WebAds website and are subject to Link1 Publishing's "Condition of Use" Policy. If you wish to extend your ad for another 90 days simply notify us by email prior to your ad expiration date.
Ad Size
Each ad can consist of up to 10 images with a description of up to 300 words.
Ad Display Content
Each ad is displayed with the following:
  • Contact Information
  • Index for more than one item or feature.
  • Item description
  • Images - Images are reduced to approx. 200 KB file size and 600 x 400 pixel size. Images expand when you hover the mouse over them.
Ad Setup Fee
The ad setup fee is ONLY $25!
All ad setup fees must be paid in advance. We currently accept MasterCard/Visa (Paypal), Checks or Money Orders made payable to: Link1 Publishing.

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